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We’ve been teaching digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and WordPress for about a decade now. We have taught people from all over the world in webinars, the classroom and one-on-one. We love teaching people how all this digital marketing works, and people are getting results.

Please read what people say about us. We kind of hate to brag, but these are all actual past students, some from the Bay Area Search Engine Academy (our previous company name).

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Thomas Petty Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews Left By Our Students

Thomas is among the best! After one conversation, he sent me an email demonstrating a deep understanding of my professional services business and concrete ideas on how to dramatically increase leads and awareness in a highly competitive market. I have 15+ years experience in Internet marketing with F500 companies, but Tom taught this old dog new tricks. He showed me where my thinking was outdated.

I had inadvertently created unnecessary hurdles for prospects to consider me. I was too close to the issue that I had created, to see it. He gave me a fresh perspective and now my site offers a way for leads to enter the sales cycle from awareness, to interest to try and then buy. He has made it very easy for people to consider me. Thomas provided recommendations on how to refresh my older site to make it a compelling experience for readers. He pointed out how important video is today on the Internet. Static images no longer suffice.

Leads now find my services very easily so their decision making has been made easier. I started with ordering his Special Report: 10 Ways to Get Found Online Today. Best read I’ve had lately and I’m working with him to implement the strategy. And my partner has attended several of his seminars and raves about the quality of the content. It’s actionable. And for those just starting out on the Internet, Thomas will help you avoid the costly mistakes that beginners make. He’ll get you up and noticed quickly. I’ve recommended him to several clients and they like the personal customer service. Enough said.

5-star rating

Nick Parham

Thank you so much Tom for a great training. I am so happy I found you and was able to attend the Beginning Word Press class. You are one of the best instructors I have had and are a natural in helping a lay person understand complex information. I know I am not a pro after 2 days of training but I feel more confident that I can take on the challenge of setting up my new website and securing it. I learned great information and most importantly “to read” where I was not before. Again…a simple but important lesson from you that no one has ever said. You are extremely generous with your knowledge and you do not find that everyday. Thank you again!!

5-star rating

Beth Williams

Michele Molitor PCCI strongly recommend working with Tom to increase the traffic to your site and thus expanding your success!Working with Tom has been great. He truly knows his technology. After just some of the initial steps of optimizing my site, it appeared on the first page of Google for several of my keywords! He is easy to work with, reliable, and has high levels of integrity in all he does.

5-star rating

Michele Molitor, PCC
Nectar Consulting, Inc.

I am a stressed out, overworked, small business owner with no time. However, Tom is a real person that you can talk to. After speaking with Tom, I blocked out the 5 days for this course and my ONLY regret is not doing this sooner. The information was fantastic, and not too “geeky” for a non technical person like me. Best of all, I was able to USE the material during the class to make some very necessary changes to my website. Warning: taking this class may create feelings of anger towards your web guy when you find out all the stuff they said they were doing for you and DID NOT. I may be looking for a new web service provider!

5-star rating

Glenn Williams

Neil LoveTom is a terrific teacher and consultant. He not only accelerated the learning of all the key facets of Internet Marketing but he also accelerated the creation and implementation of the Internet Marketing strategies and tactics for our business. You will not find another resource that offers such a balanced and comprehensive coverage of Internet Marketing best practices.

5-star rating

Neil Love
Productive Enterprises, Inc.

Thank you Tom for being such a good teacher and great resource. When I first signed up for the WordPress for Beginnners class I thought the material would be over my head but you made it easier to understand and as intimidating. I really appreciate the the topics we covered and feel like I have what I need to get my website off the ground.

5-star rating

Denise Lopez

Thank you, Tom, for offering a truly great beginning WordPress workshop. I now am confident — and excited! — to jump in and create. Or, at the very least, know what to do if I “break” anything! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and real-world advice. I recommend your workshop to anyone looking for a clear overview of WordPress.

5-star rating

Helena Chiu

Thomas Petty’s webinar completely inspired me and took away any concerns I have about diving in and fine tuning our on line reputation. He provided clear, concise, easy to understand steps to follow so I can simply manage what I’ve been apprehensive about doing. Thank you, Thomas Petty, I highly recommend your services.

5-star rating

Lynn Russell

I recently attended Tom’s Webinar about “3 Reasons People May Not Do Business With You”. It was a simple and very practical webinar with loads of helpful tips. I liked the segment when he reviews a few websites during the webinar. That gave a very good idea about common mistakes made during website design and how to resolve them to ensure better customer experience. Thanks Tom. I look forward to more such webinars. I am sure your classes would be more informative and helpful. I wish I could attend them.

5-star rating

Jyoti Shah

Just finished a webinar with TOM where he outlined how to establish a solid on line presence. In an hour, he was able to help me understand not only what I needed to do but how to make it happen. What I really appreciate is his way of explaining concepts and practices without a lot of marketing speak. Thanks for a great training Tom.

5-star rating

Vikki Brown

I agreed with all the praises everybody wrote here. I took Tom Petty’s 2 day hands-on workshop on WordPress. I learned a lot and am ready to tackle it. Tom is a real Pro and very devoted to educating his students. He gave it all, and share many useful, low or no cost resources; say Bigphoto for stock photos, lastpass for password vaults for yourself and clients, canva for photoediting, grammarly to check your grammar. I highly recommend his classes, and online webinars.

5-star rating

Terry C

I attended a short presentation given by Thomas Petty at the National Association of Catering & Events meeting in San Francisco. I enjoyed it very much. He was clear and to the point and offered many suggestions and tips on SEO and other ways of gaining additional business.

5-star rating

Marianne Dove

I hired Tom to provide SEO services for me and my organization and he came out of the gates swinging in a GREAT way! He pointed out problems and issues I had with my site, functionality, SEO and integration issues of which my then current team didn’t even know. A true ACE at his work and without a doubt he knows his stuff!!! If you want someone who is going to drive structure and deliver results to your site, landing pages, and email marketing campaigns… He is your guy! Keep it up Tom! You are doing a fantastic job!

5-star rating

Mario M. Martinez Jr.

I had Tom come as a guest lecturer for my “Intro to Marketing” class for UC Berkeley Extension and he did an amazing job! He provided interesting, helpful, and extremely practical information on Search Marketing and the class loved the information and him. If you’re looking for anyone to come and speak to your group on this topic, or other marketing related topics, then I highly recommend Thomas Petty!

5-star rating

Scott Aughtmon
Marketer, Content Marketer, Speaker, and Author of the book “51 Content Marketing Hacks”

I had a great time at the 5-day Master SEO class. Tom is a clear instructor who is always happy to answer questions, and he provides just enough detail to grasp the concepts without being overwhelmed. I left with a clear plan of how to improve our website for the search engines and a toolkit that applies to a range of businesses. I highly recommend taking a course with Tom!

5-star rating

Diane Villadsen
UC Berkeley

Back in 2014 I first attended one on Thomas Petty’s SEO classes. I have enjoyed following and learning from him ever since. He goes in depth answering attendee’s questions and follow-ups up well if a one-on-one conversation is best. I can highly recommend his digital marketing expertise and as a top SEO strategist/trainer.

5-star rating

Jeannie Hill

I took Tom’s WordPress for Beginners Class and it was great! I learned a lot, Tom is a great teacher and I’m looking forward to taking more of his courses.

5-star rating

Haley Roebuck

First let me just talk a minute about the level of customer service that Mr. Petty offers. I am a crusader for extraordinary customer service. I really believe it is the best marketing and client retention tool there is. Who can resist working with someone who is equally brilliant and selflessly devoted to clients. Thomas took the initiative to help me with a problem i had pretty much given up on. It is something that I and my web designer worked on for almost 2 years and couldn’t resolve and it took Thomas about 5 minutes to figure it out. This is something that has a MAJOR effect on how I am seen online and I cannot thank him enough for finding the solution. Simple to him, a life saver for us.

If you are looking for training on how to get found online, how to increase your marketing efforts, the ins and outs of SEO please take these courses. Even someone with knowledge on the subject such as myself can benefit greatly.

5-star rating

Renee Hughes

I am a volunteer for SCORE. This is a national organization that helps small business people with free counseling. Thomas Petty has been an invaluable resource for the clients of my local chapter as well as for me personally. Using the principals taught by Mr. Petty in workshops he has done for SCORE dozens of clients now have better looking and better working websites than they could have otherwise imagined. I have used his teachings to aid many of my clients to make their websites more visible on the Internet and to aid them in increasing revenue as a result of the Petty inspired direction I have supplied them.

5-star rating

Larry Tessler
SCORE East Bay

I took the Master SEO course from Tom several years ago. I felt it was important for me as a website designer to have a complete understanding of the nuances of SEO to ensure my designs help my client’s search rankings. What I learned at the course was invaluable! Tom is a great teacher and made SEO very easy to understand and implement! I definitely recommend this course for web designers & web content writers.

5-star rating

Laura Bowly

I met Tom at a SCORE workshop he hosted at CSEB’s downtown Oakland location and he was phenomenal. I left the presentation feeling much better about how to market my business using social media. He is extremely well versed in SEO and helps you understand how to get your business noticed by the right people-those looking to do business with you. Thanks, Tom!

5-star rating

Preston Ray Smith

Tom taught a great Introductory course for us at SCORE. Useful content, easy to understand and simple.

5-star rating

Wayne Brice

I was incredibly happy with my experience at Bay Area Search Engine Academy! I took the Master SEO Workshop. When I signed up for the class, I was hoping to gain skills that would help me to be able to communicate intelligently with our Web Team about different SEO efforts for our company blogs. Not only did I acquire the ability to do this, but I also gained many SEO skills that I can use and implement on my own, without the help of our Web Team.

Tom, was absolutely fantastic! There was not a single question he could not answer, and he was very clear and thorough in the way he explained each concept. Whether you are on the marketing team like me, own your own business, or are just interested in SEO in general, I would highly recommend signing up with Bay Area Search Engine Academy.

5-star rating

Hannah Conrad

Thanks Tom for your awesome class for Search Engine Marketing. Interactive teaching and plenty of practical techniques.

5-star rating

Ken Imai

Tom is a great instructor. I’ve taken his SEO class and WordPress course and I highly recommend both of them. Thanks again BASEA!

5-star rating

Stephen Meza

I found Tom´s Webinar on Reputation Management practical, covering the basics that you need to know to make a difference against your competitors.

5-star rating

Fernando Cervantes

Thomas Petty was an excellent teacher. I recommend him to anyone!!

5-star rating

Reinfall Design

James A. MartinI took a five-day intensive SEO workshop in San Francisco, which Tom taught. I learned a lot from Tom. He was generous with his time, and he clearly explained some complex topics (now I know what a robots.txt file is). Plus, he’s a nice, easy-going guy. I recommend Tom’s SEO training through the Bay Area Search Engine Academy.

5-star rating

James A. Martin
Writer & Author
PC World Magazine and

Sally OnsteadI have been a web consultant for over 13 years and I have seen a lot of changes in the industry. I love the creative element of the web, but thought learning more about the SEO and Marketing aspects would be very beneficial to me. Honestly, I was apprehensive and a little frightened to attend a class on SEO. My knowledge was minimal, and the thought of learning SEO was very intimidating. I decided to face my fears and “Give it a try!”.

I took the 5 day Masters class and I am so glad I did. OMG – what a great class! There was so much quality information. Tom took a complicated subject and made it very easy to understand. It is so refreshing to learn from someone who’s extremely passionate about what he knows and so gracious to share his knowledge with me. I will be forever grateful. It was well worth the money. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and/or Marketing strategies for the web.

Face your fears – I did and it feels FANTASTIC!

5-star rating

Sally A. Onstead – Internet Consultant

I enrolled in Tom’s master SEO class to brush up on my search engine optimization skills for both my company and my clients. The information that Tom presented was above and beyond what I expected to learn. Tom skillfully walked me through basic to advanced concepts–always making sure I understood every point. His expertise on the subject is obvious, and his teaching style is excellent. The information, exercises, materials, and bonuses given to me at this class made it a great investment of both my time and money. I recommend Tom and the Bay Area Search Engine Academy to all who are really serious about understanding online marketing.

5-star rating

Marissa Berger

Melissa WongWhen I decided to make the jump from being a “web designer” to an “internet marketing consultant”, I was unsure about who to gain my certification in SEO from. I was concerned about spending my time and money with a school / educator who would not give me the required skills and credentials to really get my clients results. Many of the “schools” were online courses or required me to travel several hours away or just did not feel “right”. I require the “classroom” atmosphere to really learn and I wanted to be sure I was being taught by a school who really knew their stuff.

So, I found the search engine academy via [an online article that’s no longer available]. The author wrote that “So far, the Search Engine Academy is the only resource I’ve found that is actually certified through an educational institution, the University of Southern Mississippi. You can choose to earn 3.3 CEU’s for completing the comprehensive course.” This gave me enough reassurance to call Tom and ask him why I should take his course and not another. He was able to answer all of my questions and took the time to explain things thoroughly.

I arrived in Sacramento for the 5 day course and was very excited to find that Tom was a great teacher and really knew his material. It was also apparent that he was passionate about the subject of SEO, organic techniques and “best practices”. I felt the entire time that somehow I was getting way more than my money’s worth, and that somehow I had found that “mentor” that I needed to make the transition to SEO “expert”.

I highly recommend him to anyone considering SEO certification.

5-star rating

Melissa Wong
Internet Marketing Help

Rick ToppIt was a pleasure working with Tom. His knowledge of SEO is deep and wide. We learned a tremendous amount in a short period of time. I highly recommend his services.

5-star rating

Rick Topp
UNITS East Bay