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Digital Marketing Training Virtual Classrooms

Learn in an interactive, live classroom setting from your home or office without taking the time or spending the money to travel, and get all your questions answered on the spot by the instructor.

Classroom learning, especially for more in-depth subjects, is almost always going to be a better experience for you. Every student takes a learning journey, and by interacting with the instructor and the other students, you’re going to learn the subject better.

However, getting to a physical classroom is a real challenge:

  • It takes time to travel, even if it’s locally
  • It takes money (gas, tolls, airfare, hotel, meals, etc.)
  • It takes you away from your work and family

Introducing Our Virtual Classroom

We’ve had students come from around the world to our in-person training, including from all across the USA, Mexico, Canada, Belize, Australia and Hong Kong, just to name a few. The immense cost of airfare, visas, time away from home and work, hotels, rental cars, and food easily exceeds the cost of the training, putting it out of reach of many people who can’t afford the time or the money (or both). It adds to our carbon footprint, and we want to minimize that too.

With today’s technology, this is no longer necessary.

Sample Video Lesson

Sample Video Lesson

We’ve combined two technologies to bring you state-of-the art training so anyone can attend these live programs, no matter where they live – either in California’s San Francisco Bay Area (where we are) or halfway around the world in another time zone and continent.

Pre-Recorded Video Lessons

The lessons are all pre-recorded with videos that you can watch full-screen in HD, when you want to. This means you’ll see all the details as we demonstrate the steps you need to take to complete each lesson. You can watch them as many times as you need to either before the class or review them after the live sessions.

Live Virtual Interactive Classroom

Thomas Petty Digital Marketing Solutions Virtual Classroom

Sample Virtual Classroom Setting

By using private webinar sessions, you’ll be able to listen and watch as we discuss the lessons live. As you or other students have questions, get stuck or need help with a specific step, or something isn’t clear, you can ask live during our sessions. We’ll go through it step-by-step with the entire class until it’s clear for everyone.

You can share your own screen during the session so the other students can see your question or problem, and get it resolved on the spot.

You’ll get to know and connect with the other students who may be from anywhere in the world so you can even collaborate together later if you want or connect via social media. Each live session is recorded so you can watch it later or if you’re unable to make a session, you can still keep up.

Downloadable Worksheets and Tools

All class materials are provided to you via downloadable files that you can use as you put the lessons into practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

We limit the classes to no more than about 25 people so it doesn’t get too crazy. These are not webinar-style trainings where there may be hundreds of people on the call. We want you to have a real classroom experience so you get individual attention, get all your questions answered, and get real results!

Nope. You’ll see all the other participants and any screen that’s being shared. You do not have to have a webcam, but if you do, it makes it more like a real classroom setting because you can be one of the live students in the classroom.

Again, no. If you’re not comfortable being on camera or you’re still in your pajamas, you can turn off your camera. You can optionally upload a photo so we can see who you are, especially during discussions. The person who is speaking is highlighted, and it’s nice if we can see your face and identify you during discussions.

You can connect to the video portion on your computer so you can see what’s being presented and call in on a phone number. There are phone numbers available in many countries around the world, but they may incur a toll charge. If you can connect with a computer headset with a microphone, that’s often the cheapest and best solution.

We recommend the Logitech H390 noise canceling headset which is available on for about $25 (it’s what we use). It works on a PC or Mac.

Well, this is a classroom setting, and if you’re afraid your question isn’t a good one, please just remember that the only bad question is one that isn’t asked. It’s likely that other students may have the same question, so we hope you’ll ask it. But if you’re really shy (or maybe you have laryngitis and can’t speak!), there is a chat tool that you can ask everyone or just ask one person, like the instructor.

Yup. There is an app that you can install that will allow you to see the screens and participate. We recommend that you have earbuds on, especially if you’re in a public or noisy area. You won’t be able to share your computer screen, so your experience won’t be as rich. Also please remember to hold the device up parallel with your face so we’re not looking up your nose! 🙂

Absolutely. You’ll have access to the recordings about an hour after they happen, and you can watch them as many times as you want. You just can’t share them with anyone because they’re for the students’ use only.