Transform Your Business From “Scraping By”
to “I’m making it!” Without Becoming a Web Geek!

Most Small Business Websites
Don’t Generate New Business

How many real leads come in from your website each month? Be honest. Does your website generate leads for you or do you hear crickets? Did you pay someone a bunch of money to build you a website and it’s not working or did you do it yourself?

Think about all the marketing advice you’ve gotten over the years, and has much of that actually turned into new business for you?

There’s an art and a science to marketing online, but you have to follow the formula. When you implement a proven system, you stand apart from your competition and don’t have to wonder how to effectively market your business online. Instead, your ideal clients will seek you out and ask to do business with you instead of you chasing after them.

And yes, it’s more simple than you might think…

Why Should You Do This Now?

I’m Thomas Petty, but I go by Tom. (Yah, just like that other guy.) That’s my wife, Joanne, with me.

Why am I here? What’s my big “Why?”

I love teaching people how to do something that seems difficult, then they “get” it. They realize that it’s not that hard after all.

I’ve been teaching most of my professional career, both when I worked for over two decades at a Fortune 100 company, and the last 15 years as an business owner.

Technology and the world around us change so quickly, it’s difficult to keep up with it all!

Tom and Joanne Petty
I’ve taught business owners from around the world how to generate more leads and get more business.

I’ve worked with hundreds of one-person and small businesses, multi-national corporations, and pretty much everything in between.

My regular workshops at SCORE are popular and get great feedback from students.

I’ve even taught at three of the San Francisco Bay Area’s largest universities to students who want to learn how to market, just like you.

Scott A.“I had Tom come as a guest lecturer for my ‘Intro to Marketing’ class for UC Berkeley Extension and he did an amazing job! He provided interesting, helpful, and extremely practical information on Search Marketing and the class loved the information and him.” – Scott A.

I’ve had to learn the hard way what works and what doesn’t. And there’s a lot that doesn’t work!

My Journey Started Here

I worked over twenty years at a large corporation, ultimately earning a six-figure salary with all the benefits. But what was once an office became a double office, then a cube, which became a room full of cubes (basically short boxes with people in them). It came to a breaking point that I couldn’t stand going to “THE JOB” one more day.

So with my wife’s encouragement, I left to forge my own path as a web and internet marketing consultant.

Soon after, my world completely fell apart:

The economy puked in 2009. Business dried up. Then my wife became gravely ill and nearly died. Boom, boom, BOOM.

Meanwhile, I had to figure out how to build my business fast, learn what works and what doesn’t work. With two teens at home, a mortgage, and a disabled wife who needed my care, I was thrust full on into a life-altering, make-or-break situation.

Effective Marketing Is a System

I discovered that if I had a systematic approach to generating business, I could take what looked to be complex and turn it into a simple, 7-step formula that’s easily repeatable.

I started seeing results.

I taught my techniques to others business owners, they started seeing similar results too.

Let me teach you what I’ve learned: what to pay attention to, more importantly, what to ignore (so you don’t waste your time or money), and how to put it all together for yourself without spending a ton of time becoming a web geek or having to master a bunch of arcane technobabble.

What do successful small business owners do differently?
This is for you if…

You Feel Stuck and Overwhelmed

There are so many choices out there, and you’re just not sure where to put the effort into marketing your business. You want someone to help you get clarity and get it set up correctly.

You Have a Website, But It’s Not Generating New Business

If you rarely (or never!) get inquiries coming from your website, you’re not alone. If you feel like it’s a forgotten pretty brochure that’s sitting out there and you have to hustle in other ways to get new business, this is very common. It can be fixed!

You Know There’s a Formula, But What Is It?

It doesn’t seem fair, because other businesses seem to be succeeding. There must be a way to have a system that works, but you just can’t figure out what to do that will work for you and your business.

You Want Freedom

You don’t want to spend a ton of time trying to “figure it out” or turn into a web geek with your marketing. You’ve read stuff online, or people have told you to “try this…”, and gotten little or no results. You just want a system that works for you so you can do what you do best: help your clients!

You Are READY!

2020 is a new year, and you’re (finally!) ready to put in the work to make it an amazing year!

Introducing the
Business Builder Expert Virtual Bootcamp

A 7-week virtual bootcamp to turn your brochure website into a marketing system that generates more business.
Training Begins March 15, 2020!

The Virtual Bootcamp is offered in 7 learning modules. Each module, released weekly over seven weeks, includes video, downloadable tools, skill-building exercises, and the opportunity to apply the content immediately to your website or have your web support person take care of it for you.

You’ll experience an engaging online learning as you build your marketing system.

Module 1: How to Attract Your Ideal Client That You Love to Work With

KNOW exactly who your ideal client is and attract them so you only work with clients you love working with.

The three steps you’ll take:

  1. Define who you love working with, and make sure it’s clear to your buyer – if you confuse, you lose.
  2. Refine how you can help them so that they WANT to do business only with you and not your competitor.
  3. Articulate their pain points so your marketing materials speak directly to them.

Module 2: Find Out Why People Aren’t Engaging With You Online and Fix It!

LEARN why website visitors don’t engage with you and instead, go somewhere else. Fix your website so it generates business for you, not just look like a pretty brochure sitting on the shelf somewhere.

92% of all websites are set up incorrectly and don’t generate leads like they should. There are simple reasons for this. Even if you paid money to a web designer to build your site, most of them don’t understand how to effectively set up a website to convert anonymous web traffic to leads.

The three steps you’ll take:

  1. Define exactly how you want people to get in touch with you.
  2. Set up your website so visitors are more likely to put up their hand to connect with you without coercion.
  3. Trust is your most important differentiation between you and your competitors. If your clients don’t trust you, they won’t give you their money. Learn how to build trust factors into your website so people “get it” right away.

Module 3: Why Getting Found Locally Is Critical and How To Set It Up

GET FOUND locally when people search for your type of business.

97% of all businesses in the USA are small businesses, and almost all of them do business within a small area. 80% of buyers want to do business with a local business. If you’re not being found locally, you’re losing business. Cell phone searches are way up too, and being found hyper-locally on mobile devices is critical to success.

The three steps you’ll take:

  1. Where to set up your business listings to get found in lots of places.
  2. How to set up your business for local search.
  3. Learn what are citations, why you need them and how to get them.

Module 4: How to Stand Apart From Your Competitors

LEARN how to make yourself stand out from everyone else, especially when you have a lot of competitors.

When trying to decide who to do business with, your clients may only have one deciding factor: your reputation. Your competition probably isn’t paying any attention to this, and you can leap far ahead of them.

The three steps you’ll take:

  1. How to create an irresistible online reputation that compels your ideal clients to do business only with you without being cheesy.
  2. Learn why people are quick to leave a negative review, but forget to leave positives.
  3. What to do if you get a negative review and how to handle it so it turns into a positive.

Module 5: Easily Convert Anonymous Visitors Into Warm Leads

LEARN how to turn anonymous traffic (which doesn’t pay the bills) into warm leads that you can easily turn into SALES.

Everyone says they want more traffic to their website, but traffic doesn’t convert into dollars in your pocket. Lower the barrier for your potential clients so they put their hands up and give you their personal information (ethically of course) so you can have a one-to-one conversation with them. These are your tribe.

The three steps you’ll take:

  1. Identify one or more irresistible lead magnets or ethical “bribes” that compel your ideal customers to sign on with you.
  2. Automate the process so it’s completely hands-off.
  3. Show your potential clients that you’re the only one to do business with so closing the sale is simple.

Module 6: The Marketing Tool with the Best Return Is Email–If It’s Used Correctly

LEARN how to use email effectively so your tribe knows they want to do business with you and no one else.

Email is your most effective tool to generate more dollars. For every dollar spent on email, you’ll get, on average, $40 in return. That’s a huge return that no other tool can generate. But you have to use it correctly. Just-another-newsletter is NOT how you build fans. NO ONE wants another newsletter cluttering up their inbox.

The four steps you’ll take:

  1. Learn the correct structure of an effective email that generates results.
  2. Learn the biggest (and most common!) mistake that causes open rates to plummet
  3. Automate your emails so the impact to your day-to-day workload is at its minimum.
  4. Discover how you can legally get into people’s inbox even though you don’t have their email address (and it’s not what you think either!)

Module 7: Correctly Leverage Social Media to Build Your Business

BUILD your tribe of raving fans on social media to generate more business.

Over one third of the planet is active on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. That’s a whopping 3 BILLION people! If you need 100 new clients this year to make your goals, that’s a microscopic 0.000003%. You don’t need a huge following to succeed. You just need the right audience of raving fans to reach what you want.

Social media is all about being social – people talking to other people (and watching cat videos of course). How do you effectively engage with people online without coming off as just another sales person hawking their stuff? It’s part art and part science, but it’s easy to blow it too.

The three steps you’ll take:

  1. Learn why having (or buying!) a large following on your Facebook page doesn’t necessarily turn into dollars.
  2. You’ll discover how to effectively (and gently) leverage social media so people engage and ultimately buy your stuff.
  3. Use online ads to build your audience and generate fresh leads, which ultimately turns into business for you.

What Some Past Students Say

You’ll Get Direct Feedback from Me,
Every Step of the Way.

You’ll have five full months of access to live Q&A calls to get feedback on your plan and your progress.

Do you want direct feedback from me on your progress? Submit your big question in advance of each live Q&A call, and I’ll share direct feedback with you.

You’ll have an opportunity to schedule a single, live one-on-one 30-minute session with me during the course of the training. You and I will go through your specific questions so you can get feedback on your website, your messaging or anything you want to cover in those 30 minutes. They’re yours to use as you want, and we’ll record the session so you can review it later.

We’ll Answer Questions Like:

  1. How do I define my ideal client?
  2. How should my messaging be structured to attract the most?
  3. What’s the best lead magnet that I should use?
  4. How do I set up my technology…easily?
  5. What’s safe to ignore that won’t hurt my business?
  6. How do I set up my website correctly?
  7. How often should I email my tribe?
  8. And much more!
You’ll Have Access to the Interactive BBE Private Facebook Group

Work with other students to get feedback on your ideas or find power partners to help each other.

Private Facebook Group Access

  • Meet and network with other students
  • Ask questions of the group
  • Ask for feedback on your ideas and progress
  • Get power partners to help each other
  • Be part of a supporting and uplifting community
  • And so much more!
Bonuses When You Join Now

Super Bonus For 2020 Only: Double Time for the First Seven People

For the first SEVEN people who sign up: 2-for-1 super deal in 2020 – When you enroll in the Bootcamp, we’ll DOUBLE your private call with Tom to one full hour.

Take the time to get all your detailed questions answered and work through your marketing plan.

Bonus # 1: How to Get Found on the Search Engines Like Google

GET FOUND on the search engines like Google, Bing and the others.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of getting your website found on the search engines. It’s not the first strategy small businesses should put their effort into, because competition is massive. The actual process isn’t that difficult, but getting meaningful results is a big challenge.

The three steps you’ll take:

  1. LEARN what search engine optimization (SEO) is and how you can leverage it.
  2. Discover how to implement SEO in your web strategies and why it affects other marketing systems.
  3. Use free tools to discover exactly what people search for on Google and how to leverage that information into a killer marketing strategy.

Value: $997 for this module alone.

Bonus 2: Use Data to Grow Your Business Without Being a Geek!

LEARN why DATA is crucial to growing your business. This isn’t geeky, it’s just good business.

Most business owners don’t track their marketing efforts, their results or make business decisions on the data. Learn simple techniques that you can implement today to make smart business decisions about what’s working and not working to grow you business.

The three steps you’ll take:

  1. Identify business goals and how you plan to use your online presence to achieve them.
  2. Incorporate data into your marketing plan.
  3. Select tools to help you find the answers you need to succeed.

Value: $597

Bonus 3: Use Google Ads to Generate Business Without Wasting Money

Google Ads Combine Search and Advertising Into One System

Google’s main source of income is Adwords – Google ads – worth billions. They make it very easy to set up your account and waste money without you knowing it. There’s a science to getting your Google ads correct without wasting precious dollars. LEARN how to set it up correctly (Google doesn’t want you to know this!), leverage the free tools they provide, and set up the match types that will make you money (another thing Google doesn’t want you to know!).

The three steps you’ll take:

  1. Why Google ads are so powerful and how you can hone in on your exact target market.
  2. Set up the three keyword match types to maximize your ad spend and actually beat your competition! [Free downloadable tool!]
  3. Learn what negative keywords are, how to correctly implement them and save yourself a bundle.

Value: $497 (probably much more)

Side note: One past student, upon learning the techniques that we teach in this one module alone, declared (after smacking his forehead), “OMG! This just paid for the entire course. We’ve been wasting SO MUCH MONEY and we had no idea!”

Our Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are in the business of creating courses that create results. If for any reason you are not thrilled with the content and the potential impact it will have in your business, we will refund your tuition 100% within the first 30 days. No hoops. Just send us an email.

Is there a persistent, deep feeling that there is more for you and your business?
Are you ready to make it happen?
Let’s do this together.

Creating a system that expands your ability to serve is the fastest way to create the space to expand to what is next for you.

Fast forward one year from now-what is going to be different?

Let’s create a marketing system will take you and your business to the next level.

One Payment

$1997Single Payment
  • 7 Training Sessions and Worksheets
  • 5 Months of Live Lessons and Q&A Calls
  • Private Interactive Facebook Page Access
  • Private 30 Minute Recorded Video Call With Tom
  • 3 Bonus Lessons

Three Payments

  • 7 Training Sessions and Worksheets
  • 5 Months of Live Lessons and Q&A Calls
  • Private Interactive Facebook Page Access
  • Private 30 Minute Recorded Video Call With Tom
  • 3 Bonus Lessons
Frequently Asked Questions

Students have unlimited access to the course content (all modules, videos, and tools) and our private Facebook community forum. Your access does not expire. As the material is updated, you will always have access to the latest version.

To participate in the course materials, you only need a computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone to watch the videos. A computer or laptop will be needed to use the tools, but we try to make them as device-agnostic as possible.

You must already have a personal Facebook personal account to request access to the online community. All video content is closed captioned for the hearing impaired or to assist those whose first language may not be English.

The course materials assume that you have a website already or are working on building a website (hopefully already in progress). But if not, you can work with your web designer to provide him or her the information from the course to set it up the way you want it.

The last module will cover using Facebook for businesses, so you should have a business page or be willing to set one up. We’ll provide you the basics if you don’t have one already.

All of our live calls are recorded for later access. Within 24-48 hours, they will be posted into your learning portal and so you can watch the recording or even review it again as many times as you want if you need to.

You’re also encouraged to submit (via email) your questions ahead of the call, so that they can be added to our agenda. Even if you can’t make a live session, you can still get your question answered and get direct feedback through the recording.

The basic principles in this course will work for any business. However, the course materials are specifically designed for consulting and coaching businesses – especially those that work with other businesses. Examples include (but can include others):

  • Business and executive coaches
  • Efficiency coaches
  • Life coaches
  • Web and marketing consultants and agencies
  • Accountants and HR
  • Attorneys (personal, tax, business, employment, etc.)
  • Photographers (wedding, corporate, product, etc.)
  • Many more!

If you provide any type of service as your product rather than a physical product (like an e-commerce site or a storefront), then you’re a great fit for this course!

Absolutely not! This course is specifically designed for BUSINESS people who are GREAT at what they do (serve their clients) and LESS great at the geeky stuff. Whether you built and manage your own website or you pay someone to take care of it for you, you’ll understand the concepts and the WHY. Then you can get your web guy or gal to put it in place, or if you’re a DIY-er, you’ll understand how to set it up for yourself.

To be frank, absolutely none. You each have your own individual circumstances: your local competition, your specific industry, and even your ability to execute what we teach.

This is NOT a get-rich-quick, sit on the beach drinking Mai Tais while money falls in the bank scheme. If that’s what you’re looking for, please move along, there’s nothing to see here.

We teach a system that if implemented correctly, it should work, but it takes WORK. It’s not magic. You have to be willing to put the effort in and do your homework. But we don’t even know if you’ll complete the course. Bottom line, if you don’t do the work, we guarantee that it absolutely won’t work.

What we guarantee is that the methods we teach are proven, sound, and generally, should work if executed properly.

Nope. Our course is technology-agnostic. What you already have is probably good: a website platform, an email platform (we highly recommend Constant Contact), and some free tools like Google Analytics. Some tools work better than others, and we’ll demonstrate concepts that you should be able to implement no matter what tools you’re using. We don’t want you to spend a bunch of money on things that aren’t going to serve you for years to come.

Online Reviews

Thomas Petty's 5-Star Rating
We’re rated 5.0/5 stars by our students on Google!

I learned a lot, Tom is a great teacher and I’m looking forward to taking more of his courses.”
Haley R. 5-star rating

“Tom is a real Pro and very devoted to educating his students. He gave it all, and shared many useful, low or no cost resources. I highly recommend his classes, and online webinars.”
Terry C. 5-star rating

I found his course extremely helpful and well laid out. There was a lot of content but I am also lucky enough to be able to go back and watch the videos over again which I will do. Making them an ongoing resource for me as I move forward in my new career. Thanks Tom for the knowledge jump start!”
Nicole K. 5-star rating