Business Builder Expert Course

Get live, on-the-spot feedback as you learn how to build your business with simple, proven, and effective marketing systems that you can implement without wasting hours of time or turning into a web geek.

Business Builder Expert Course Summary

This course is designed for the consultant or coach who is most serious about putting effective tools in place now to get their business to reach the goals that they want. During this course, we’re going to teach you step-by-step:

  • How to structure your website to generate more leads
  • Which tools are most effective (most are free or cost very little!) and which to avoid
  • How to put systems in place that automate your marketing for you

This course includes weekly, live webinar-style sessions so you get all your questions answered. The sessions are recorded so you can watch them again later, even if you miss a session. You’ll have access to a private Facebook page where you can work with your fellow students and get feedback from them too!

You’ll also have a private, one-on-one 30-minute live recorded session with the trainer, Tom, to review your website structure and get feedback.

Registration opens on February 18, 2020.

Business Builder Expert

Training Start Date

The training material will be available to you starting Sunday, March 1, 2020, at which time you will be invited to join the Facebook group.

The live, weekly webinar sessions are each week on Mondays, starting March 9, 2020.

Business Builder Expert Course Details

At the conclusion of this course, if you have completed all the work, you will have:

  • Identified your target market and honed your marketing content to attract them
  • Put together a complete marketing plan for your business that if implemented, will help you to reach your goals
  • Assembled your systems and tools that you’ll need in order to grow your leads

Note that we make no guarantees or promises that you’ll see any results whatsoever. We’re showing you what tools to use, how to use the tools, and how you actually implement them will determine any results you get. Please read our full disclaimer here.

In order to participate in the class, you’ll need to know how to use a computer and have access to a web browser. Since you’re reading this, you’ve already met the requirements.

You can either work on your website during the course if you have access, or if you have a web support person, you can communicate and help them to understand what you want accomplished. You do not need to know any HTML, coding or programming. This is designed for non-technical business owners who want to learn how to market their business using online tools.

Note: Because there are so many web platforms, we can’t help you with specific questions about how your website is set up or can be modified other than general answers.

If you’re a small business owner or work at a small firm, it’s a given that you must have a good website to attract new business and convert anonymous visitors into leads. Your customers are already looking online for you, and the first thing they’re going to do is visit your website before they call you. If they go somewhere else because they didn’t find what they were looking for, that’s lost business for you.

In this course, you’ll learn how to set your business apart from your competitors so people do business only with you, and not someone else.

7-Step Marketing System Course Syllabus

  • Define your ideal target market or your “avatar”. You may have more than one avatar.
    • What are the main problems they struggle with?
    • How can you help resolve those problems?
    • Develop your perfect messaging.
    • How do you structure your website so it speaks to your ideal customer?
  • Fix your website: most websites turn away more business than they create.
    • Identify the problem areas that could be turning away potential clients.
    • What’s a call-to-action?
    • How do you want people to get in touch with you?
  • Set up local search: small businesses make up 97% of all businesses in the USA and 99% in Europe, Latin America and Canada. All small businesses have competition.
    • Over 80% of us want to do business locally.
    • How to get found locally when people search for you?
    • What are the most effective tools for getting found in lots of places?
  • Manage your online reputation: usually, your reputation is the only thing that differentiates you from your competitors.
    • How do you set up your online reputation so it works in your favor?
    • What happens if you get a negative review?
    • Trade secret: how to set up your website so it showcases your reputation.
  • Convert anonymous visitors to warm leads: web traffic doesn’t pay the bills. Leads convert to business and that pays the bills.
    • How to convert visitors to a known lead.
    • Create valuable “ethical bribes” or lead magnets quickly.
    • What to offer to visitors and why “Sign up for my newsletter” doesn’t work.
  • Use email correctly to sell your services.
    • Email marketing has the highest ROI (return on investment) with about $44 in sales for every $1 spent.
    • How to automate your emails so it’s hands-off.
    • What is an auto-responder and how do you use them?
    • How to structure your emails for maximum impact.
    • Avoid common mistakes made by most business owners.
  • How to use social media in your marketing
    • Is social media the best platform to market on?
    • If not, how do you make it more impactful and convert sales?
    • Trade secrets for Facebook users.

Bonus Modules Only Available in the Expert Course

These modules are there for you to watch and use, but will not be covered in the live webinars.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Learn how to “SEO” your website for Google and Bing search engines
  • Use WordPress as a Blogging and Marketing Platform
  • Google Adwords – Advertise on Google’s platform to get found quickly and track your conversions

This course is designed primarily for consultants and coaches* who provide services to their clients either as a solopreneur or those who work at small firms. The concepts in this course can be used by any business of course, but the focus will be on people who consult with their clients. You may have little or no marketing knowledge or background, or simply feel that there are too many choices out there, making it difficult to figure out how to make your marketing work for you.

* This can include: accounting, legal, IT, web, and PR consultants, executive and business coaches, life and personal coaches, and so on.

What This Course Isn’t

This course is not intended for people who have retail or physical storefronts, e-commerce stores, or other types of businesses that don’t generally fall under the generic “consulting” category.

The live portion of the course is eight weeks long.

There are approximately ten hours of pre-recorded videos that you will have lifetime access to as well as lifetime access to the private Facebook group.

Pre-recorded videos that you can watch on any device.

There will be eight live webinar sessions in which you can get your questions answered live. The live sessions will be recorded so you can watch them again or watch if you weren’t able to be present during the live session.

The private Facebook group is for members only to get feedback from fellow students, ask questions and cheer each other on!

30-Day No Risk, No Hoops Guarantee

We are in the business of creating experiences that create results. If for any reason you are not thrilled with the content and the potential impact it will have in your business, we will refund your tuition 100% within the first 30 days from when the course becomes available to you. No hoops. Just send us an email.

Online Reviews

Thomas Petty's 5-Star Rating
We’re rated 5.0/5 stars by our students on Google!

Tom is a great instructor. I’ve taken his SEO class and WordPress course and I highly recommend both of them. Thanks again BASEA!”
Stephen M. 5-star rating

I learned a lot, Tom is a great teacher and I’m looking forward to taking more of his courses.”
Haley R. 5-star rating

“Tom is a real Pro and very devoted to educating his students. He gave it all, and shared many useful, low or no cost resources. I highly recommend his classes, and online webinars.”
Terry C. 5-star rating

I found his course extremely helpful and well laid out. There was a lot of content but I am also lucky enough to be able to go back and watch the videos over again which I will do. Making them an ongoing resource for me as I move forward in my new career. Thanks Tom for the knowledge jump start!”
Nicole K. 5-star rating