Digital Marketing Training for Bay Area Companies

Get your team up to speed on the latest digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing techniques with on-campus customized training. We’ll come to your campus and give them the tools they need to succeed as a team.

No matter what you call it:

  • SEO
  • Digital marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Online marketing

It comes down to the fact that there is a lot of misinformation out there. Your team probably isn’t all on the same page when it comes to the technical details about any of it.

By having an in-house training session with your marketing or web team, everyone will be up to speed on the latest techniques to get found and engage with potential customers. Private training ensures that your competitors aren’t in the room learning your trade secrets through class discussions.

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Thomas Petty teaching a workshop on May 9, 2018. (Note: audio quality is poor, I was having troubles with my microphone.)

A Few of the Companies That We’ve Taught

University of California at BerkeleySCORE Synopsys University of California San FranciscoStanford University

What Our Clients Have Said

Thomas Petty's 5-Star Rating
We’re rated 5.0/5 stars by our students on Google!

“When I signed up for the class, I was hoping to gain skills that would help me to be able to communicate intelligently with our Web Team about different SEO efforts for our company blogs. Not only did I acquire the ability to do this, but I also gained many SEO skills that I can use and implement on my own, without the help of our Web Team. Tom, was absolutely fantastic! There was not a single question he could not answer, and he was very clear and thorough in the way he explained each concept. Whether you are on the marketing team like me, own your own business, or are just interested in SEO in general, I would highly recommend signing up!”
5-star rating
Hannah Conrad

“I am a volunteer for SCORE. This is a national organization that helps small business people with free counseling. Thomas Petty has been an invaluable resource for the clients of my local chapter as well as for me personally. Using the principals taught by Mr. Petty in workshops he has done for SCORE dozens of clients now have better looking and better working websites than they could have otherwise imagined. I have used his teachings to aid many of my clients to make their websites more visible on the Internet and to aid them in increasing revenue as a result of the Petty inspired direction I have supplied them.”
5-star rating
Larry Tessler
SCORE East Bay

“Tom is a clear instructor who is always happy to answer questions, and he provides just enough detail to grasp the concepts without being overwhelmed. I left with a clear plan of how to improve our website for the search engines and a toolkit that applies to a range of businesses. I highly recommend taking a course with Tom!”
5-star rating
Diane Villadsen
University of California Berkeley

“Thank you for this and for a very useful class. Everyone said great things about it.”
5-star rating
Greg Mehlhaff
Deputy Director, California Prevention Training Center
University of California San Francisco

“I had Tom come as a guest lecturer for my “Intro to Marketing” class for UC Berkeley Extension and he did an amazing job! He provided interesting, helpful, and extremely practical information on Search Marketing and the class loved the information and him. If you’re looking for anyone to come and speak to your group on this topic, or other marketing related topics, then I highly recommend Thomas Petty!”
5-star rating
Scott Aughtmon
Marketer, Content Marketer, Speaker, and Author of the book “51 Content Marketing Hacks”