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How to Manage Your Online Reputation to Get New Clients

Easily build an excellent online reputation and manage it so your prospective customers and clients will choose your business over your competitors every time.

Course Summary

There are approximately 30 million small businesses in the USA, 23 million in Europe, and many more in Canada and Latin America. For most small businesses, it means they all have a large number of competitors making it difficult for customers to differentiate between them.

Online reputation is the best way for you to make your small business stand out from your competitors so your customers choose you over the rest of the crowd. This course demonstrates step-by-step how to easily set up and manage an online reputation management system, what systems to pay attention to, and what to ignore.

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At the conclusion of this course, you’ll have your online reputation management system set up, with the tools you’ll need to easily grow your reputation so you stand out from your competitors. Your customers will automatically want to do business with you.

During this course, we’ll present the following topics, why it’s important, and give you step-by-step instructions how you can implement it for your own business without spending a lot (or even any) money.

At the conclusion of the course, you’ll have several simple steps you can use to implement a reputation management plan, maintain it easily without any effort and teach your team what to do.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to digital marketing: The difference between advertising and online marketing or “attraction marketing”
  • The Digital Marketing Circle of Engagement
  • Barriers that prevent potential customers from doing business with you
  • How to effectively lower the resistance for people to engage with you
  • What is online reputation management?
  • Why is it important?
  • What three systems are the best to use and why?
  • What optional premium (paid) systems are best and why?
  • How to effectively manage negative (bad) reviews so they become a positive
  • What are the top three steps you can take to ensure your potential customers do business only with you and not your competition? (Note: your competitors aren’t doing this!)

This course is designed for the businesses which fall into the following categories:

  • Brick-and-mortar businesses with a physical location where the customer comes to you (stores, auto-repair, hair salons, pet grooming, medical and veterinary offices, etc.). These tend to be what we call “wallet-ready” businesses, because your customers know what you do and you’ll typically be paid right away.
  • Destination businesses which is a subset of brick-and-mortars, but your customers may come from a greater distance and expect an experience when they arrive (restaurants, resorts, B&Bs, wineries, etc.)
  • Consulting businesses where your customers may or may not come to your office (accountants, coaches, attorneys, web design, etc.)
  • Service businesses where you go to your customers’ location (electricians, plumbers, mobile windshield repair, locksmith, etc.)
  • Non-profit businesses which could fit into any of the above, but may include others like charities, religious organizations, etc.

Depending upon your type of business, it may or may not be a good fit for virtual or e-commerce businesses where customers aren’t in a specific location or may be anywhere, and all transactions take place online and no direct customer interaction. However, the principles presented here will still apply to your business.

Approximately 60 minutes to watch the video training. Your implementation plan is dependent upon your business type and will vary.

On-demand videos and Adobe Acrobat® PDF downloads. You may watch the videos as many times as you’d like.

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Thank you so much Tom for a great training. You are one of the best instructors I have had and are a natural in helping a lay person understand complex information.
Beth W. 5-star rating

Thank you Tom for being such a good teacher and great resource. I thought the material would be over my head but you made it easier to understand and [less] intimidating.
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Thank you for sharing your knowledge and real-world advice. I recommend your workshop to anyone…
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I learned a lot, Tom is a great teacher and I’m looking forward to taking more of his courses.
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