Free Digital Marketing Fundamentals Training

Transform your website from a company brochure to a lead generation marketing tool. Discover how you can get your ideal clients to engage with you with these simple steps.

Course Summary

If you’ve struggled to figure out how to “crack the code” of Google and start generating traffic and leads for your business, you’re not alone. It’s the number one question people ask us. There are a million directions you can take your digital marketing, but that can take a lot of time, energy and yes, money.

We get it, you’re busy, right? You’ve got a business to run. Who has the time to try to figure all this digital marketing stuff out? After all, there’s so much information out there, it’s really hard to decide what to filter out, what to pay attention to and what makes sense for your business.

Join me in this beginning three-part training series in which we’ll give you the fundamentals of what you need to pay attention to without turning into a web geek. We’ll help you cut through all the unnecessary junk, and just get to what you need to help your business and start:

  • Making Google happy and easily test your own website to see where your business is
  • Getting seen by more of your perfect business prospects
  • Generating more leads (real names), not just anonymous traffic to your website

Cost: Free

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This course is designed for:

  • Small business owners, solopreneurs, consultants and coaches  – You’re busy with your own business and don’t have the time or desire to be a web geek. You just want to cut through the junk and get it done without a lot of fiddly-farting (yes that’s a technical term) around.
  • Employees at small businesses or firms – You don’t have a lot of technical knowledge and don’t want to learn a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo, but maybe your boss said you need to figure it out. You want to make sure you get results without spending a ton of time or money.

10 Ways to Get Found Online Today Book Cover

  • Instant access to our three training videos (over one hour of training!) that show you the fundamentals of what you need to put in place to start generating leads for your business, not just traffic. This is not geek-speak! These are practical, actionable steps you can take today or work with your web support person to put in place without a lot of time, technical knowledge or money!
  • Our highly-acclaimed e-book, “10 Ways to Get Found Online Today”, which shows you the options you have available to you (most of them free) to get seen by your ideal customers and clients so they do business with you and only you.
  • Our recommended tools decision tree, which has a list of recommended tools you can use in conjunction with your website to build your business. All of these tools are used by us today and/or with our own clients and have been vetted and tested for quality. We don’t recommend anything we don’t use every day!
  • You need a website or be working on building a new website for your business
  • A computer with internet access and basic knowledge of how to use a web browser