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Why Your Website Doesn’t Make You Money

Learn the 3 biggest reasons your website visitors aren’t doing business with you, and how to easily fix it!

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Are you a consultant, coach or advisor providing professional services?

When was the last time you got a real lead from your website? Can you even remember? Most websites serve only as a pretty brochure, and do nothing to generate new business for you. If your phone isn’t ringing and you just hear crickets, register now.

In this FREE Online Training, I will walk you step-by-step through:

Marketing Circle of Engagement

3 Biggest Small Business Marketing Myths

We all have misconceptions about how to market our business online, and we’ll pop the three biggest ones.

Barriers to entry

What Stops Visitors From Doing Business?

92% of all websites turn away more business than they attract. There’s a simple test you can perform.

What do your customers search for?

You Must Have 7 Features On Your Website

If your website doesn’t have these critical pieces of information, visitors will use the “back” button and just go somewhere else (like to your competitor).

Training Guide Companion Course

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I’ve looked at thousands of websites…
Most fail to turn anonymous visitors into warm leads.

Thomas W. Petty

Many people – including web designers – can build pretty websites. But they don’t know how to make online marketing systems that generate business.

The world has changed – a lot. Whether you’re a DIY-er or you’ve hired a professional to build your web presence, most websites don’t bring business in the front door. Does yours?

I’ve worked with Fortune 100 companies, solopreneurs and absolutely everything in between for over 15 years.

92% of all websites I’ve reviewed have it completely wrong, and it’s costing them money. I absolutely guarantee that your competitors aren’t paying any attention to what I’ll tell you, and it will give you a huge leg up if you follow what I cover in this session.

Let me show you the three simple, non-geeky steps you can take to start generating more leads from your online presence and build the business that you want right away!

Training Guide Companion Course

Get instant access!