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WordPress Security Basics Free Course

Most WordPress websites have been set up with the default settings that make your website a target to hackers. Learn the top three things you must do to protect your WordPress website today.

Course Summary

WordPress is the most popular website content management system (CMS) and over 25% of all websites in the world have been built using WordPress. Most hosting companies support WordPress directly in their control panel, and typically you can install the software with a single button click.

It’s likely that you or your web developer did exactly that to set it up.

Unfortunately, with the default settings in place, this leaves some serious security holes in place, and hackers know this. Chances are that you have the default settings on your site, and I absolutely guarantee that someone is trying to exploit this and get into your website right now.

In this short training module we’ll show you:

  • How the default settings leave you exposed and easy to target
  • How your login credentials can be exposed to the internet and even get indexed by Google
  • The quick steps you need to protect yourself and make it harder for the bad guys to get in

Cost: Free

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If you have a WordPress website, this course is designed for you. If you’re not sure, find out here.

In this short video, you’ll learn how the typical default settings in WordPress expose your business to hacker attempts, and how your credentials are exposed and even indexed by Google. You’ll learn:

  • How to easily fix the default settings in WordPress to make it harder for the bad guys to get in
  • How to manage your credentials correctly and what you should never do
  • How to protect your business assets
  • You need to have a self-hosted WordPress website (not on the free wordpress.com hosting)
  • Administrator login access to your website

If you don’t have administrator access to your own website, make sure you get it from your web support person. Otherwise, make sure you speak to them to get this set up correctly.

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