The other day I saw a friend of mine, Gail, who posted on Facebook that she was taking up the 30 Day Blogging Challenge that Connie Ragen Green is encouraging.

I have to confess: I have been too busy or too lazy (or both?) to post on my blog since last November. This is a very poor example I’m setting here. After all, I teach SEO and social media optimization, and blogging is one of the cornerstones of generating good traffic and links to your Web site.

I needed a kick in the pants to get me off my duff and get it rolling again. I kept telling myself that my ideas had dried up, so I didn’t have anything to say. In retrospect, this is probably just a lame excuse for laziness, right? The truth is, that I’ve written some articles for other people’s blogs, but haven’t “gotten around to” writing for myself.

So here goes. My goal is to write one post per day. But the guidelines I’m giving myself are (besides following the “rules” of Connie’s challenge) are:

  • Write meaningful articles about marketing on the Internet, not just something to fill the void
  • Get back into the habit of writing – I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon, and need to get back into a regular daily habit
  • Publish the blog posts in several social media circles to generate more traffic, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Measure the results of the effort after the 30 days have passed

Lots Of Ideas

I had been convincing myself that my ideas for new articles had dried up, when in reality, there are lots of new ideas that keep bubbling up that I want to write about. Let’s just put keyboard to screen and start writing! I’d love to hear some of the ideas or questions you have about what you’d like to learn. Please post comments here or on the Bay Area Search Engine Academy Facebook fan page on what you’d like to see.

After all, I have 30 days to write, and you the reader are who I write for.

Some ideas I’ve come up with include:

  • Using Facebook for business, including FB security for the professional, how to build a terrific FB fan page
  • Is video the next internet marketing vehicle in your future?
  • Is SEO less effective than other means of getting on Google?
  • How can you generate fabulous links and content on other people’s Web sites?

But I’d love to what ideas you have too – sky’s the limit here, so give me your best shot. Technical? Instructional? How-to? Let’s hear it!

I’ll also discuss the results of my 30-day experiment to let you know how this has worked from an analytics and readership perspective too. That’s my promise, so stay tuned!