Livermore Chamber Marketing Summit with Thomas W. Petty from Amos Productions on Vimeo.

On August 18, 2009, I worked with the Livermore Chamber of Commerce to put together a Marketing Summit for businesses. I invited four of my colleagues and friends to present different topics, and we had about 60 people that attended the summit. The speakers were:

This is the video of my presentation, which is about one hour long. It talks to business owners about how we can no longer afford to advertise to people because all of us are increasingly intolerant of the messages being pushed at us. Instead, we have to engage our customers who are interested in our products and services by attracting them. There are many avenues to make this happen, but a lot of it involves social media: Twitter, business blogging, LinkedIn and other online outlets.

By attracting only those are intested in our products and services, we can spend our time in dialog with those people who want our stuff. This sets us up as experts in our own respective industries – because we’re all experts, right? The point of social media is to engage people in dialogs. Nothing more. By doing so, I like to say that:

“People buy into us before they buy from us.”

If you take away the need to “sell” someone, and just engage in dialog, they will naturally work with you to select what’s right for them when it’s right for them.

Amos Productions Rocks!

I have to put in a plug for Jody Amos from Amos Productions in Livermore, CA. Ray Garcia on his team video recorded my presentation as well as Michele’s and Elaine’s. They did a fantastic job, were professional, and put together our slides with the video (above). I highly recommend that if you need videography or DJ services for any kind of event, that you call Jody at 800-693-5003 and arrange for him to put together a plan for you.