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Be sure to join me in this free webinar, Thursday, April 7, 10:00 a.m. Pacific: 4 Steps to Quickly Grow Your Email List Without Spending All Your Time on Marketing

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I’ve written before about the benefits of having a good, solid email list. Email typically has a better ROI than any other tool like social media, SEO, blogging, or paid ads. Those other tools are definitely necessary too, but email is going to give you a better bang for your buck and your time.

With social media, people have no real interest in investing any effort into your content or offer, because it’s too easy to just keep scrolling by. They likely won’t even see your posts because Facebook, for instance, is only going to show it to 1% of your followers anyway, unless people start engaging with the content by liking, sharing or commenting.

Search engine optimization is a long-term attraction marketing tool, just like blogging is. There’s no quick win there. It only works if someone is actively searching for your products or services.

Paid ads can be very effective, but for search ads, like SEO, they only work if people are actively searching for your stuff. Social media ads suffer from the same plight as regular posts, but you can get them in front of more people.

We’re Engaged!

When someone opts into your list to download a free report or get access to a premium video, they’ve now taken an active step to get engaged with you. They’ve done two things:

  1. Given you permission to send them your marketing materials
  2. Given you permission to their precious inbox, which is not something to be taken lightly

They’ve now told you that they’re mildly interested in what you have to say, or want your free download because they might learn something. Now you have a qualified lead.

They’re probably not ready to buy today, so you have to nurture that lead and have a virtual “conversation” with them. This helps them to get to know, like and trust you. Now they’re more likely to pull out their wallet and give you money when they’re ready to get further engaged with you.

You can’t do this with any of the other tools.

If Your Email List is Too Teeny

If you’re using Contant Contact or some other tool to do your email marketing and regular newsletter, awesome! These are all people who have given you explicit permission to send them stuff.

But the biggest challenge is how to grow your list. Maybe you have 100 people or a even a few hundred people in your list. Terrific. Typically only 20% (give or take) will actually open your email and read it. Of those, only a fraction will take any action on whatever you’re telling them, even if it’s just a link to read something more.

It’s all in the numbers: the more people you have in your list, the better chance that someone will convert to a sale.

This is why I’m really excited for the opportunity to be co-hosting a free webinar in a few days (Thursday, April 7 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific) with Tim Paige from LeadPages. I’m a big fan of LeadPages as a simple tool to get people into your system. LeadPages allows you to:

  • Easily create an opt-in page for your lead magnet
  • Connect and inter-connect your other tools like Constant Contact (email), GotoWebinar, or any other system you’re using to generate leads
  • Drop a single registration into all systems without people having to fill out a form multiple times

We use it for our business, and that was one of the first things I set up for my client too, connecting it to his Constant Contact account and other systems. It’s so easy to use that the time savings alone of setting up one opt-in page will easily pay for itself.

During this webinar Tim Paige will show you:

  • How to Turn Any Business Site into a Lead-Generation Machine: He’ll show you four simple steps you can take right now to transform your site into a powerful lead-generation tool that you can use right now to grow your list and boost your sales.
  • The Highest-Converting Landing Page + Lead Magnet (or “Opt-in Bribe”): This simple landing page + lead magnet combination has out-converted every other landing page and lead magnet that LeadPages has tested — even though it only took 30 minutes to create.
  • The #1 Biggest Mistake that Even the Best Marketers in the World Make: If you make this mistake, you’ll continually ignore (or worse, abandon) your best, hottest leads. He’ll show you how to avoid this mistake and turn this missed opportunity into an entirely new sales channel for your business — in less than five minutes.

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I’ve been to several of Tim’s webinars in the past, and they’re always packed with a ton of information and actionable steps you can take to put in place, so I hope you’ll join us! He talks fast, so be sure you have something to write with, and get ready to take it down.