How To Compare Keywords When You’re Doing Keyword Research

Doing keyword research is only the first step in finding great keywords for your content. How do you know what people actually search for and how much? This is the critical question, and fortunately, Google helps us out a little.

When Doing Keyword Research, Start with the Basics First

In last week's article we talked about all the reasons why businesses need to do keyword research FIRST. If you make things up (like what you "think" your customers search for), you'll miss out on a very long list of keywords that your customers actually want to know about. Furthermore, doing the keyword research will [...]

Three Reasons Businesses Still Need to do Keyword Research First

So far, we've talked about several things you need to do in order to get your website up to snuff in Google's eyes, as well as your readers'. Perhaps you've got some technical website issues that you need to overcome first, or your existing content is a bit boring to the reader. Those are easy [...]

Website Canonicalization Issues: How to Discover Them and Fix Them #video

Tom's Simple SEO: What is canonicalization and how can it affect your SEO from Thomas Petty. Have you ever heard of canonicalization? Maybe not. Technically, it's a mathematical term, but what does math have to do with the search engines like Google? Wikipedia defines canonicalization as: In computer science, canonicalization (abbreviated c14n, where 14 represents [...]

How To Write Your Web Content So It’s More Compelling To Your Buyers – Tom’s Simple SEO

There is a bit of an art to creating web and blog content. It doesn't necessarily come naturally, and usually, until someone points it out, you don't even notice. Unfortunately, writing the way many (most?) people write on the web, can cause you to lose potential customers. This is a problem, because after all, you [...]

Tom’s Simple SEO: What Does Google Know About You? How Can You Find Out?

If you take a journey, you have to know where you are before you can plan how to get to the end point. Search engine optimization is the same thing. Before you can optimize your site, you have to know where you stand first.

Search Engine Optimization in Micro Bites

Learning search engine optimization in big chunks can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. Instead, we're posting a weekly micro-bite of steps you can take each week with approximately 15 minutes of time. These are Tom's Simple SEO steps, which you can implement to get your search engine performance improved.

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