If you’re a consultant like me, hopefully you realize that your website is your most important marketing tool for your business. It’s what defines you to the rest of the world, as your customers are looking for someone to help solve their problems.

Just imagine if you will, what would it be like, if your website was bringing in new leads every day. Your phone would be ringing or e-mails would be coming in with inquiries about your services. In short, people would be reaching out to you and asking you to help them, instead of you chasing after them. This is what we all want, right?

This is not a pipe dream, and it can be accomplished. The most fundamental process to all of this is to make sure that your website is working properly from a search engine perspective and has all the right “SEO” factors in place. It’s like casting a net to hungry clients and bringing them in when they need your services.

Unfortunately, as I’ve written before, the vast majority of websites have it wrong. They’re missing some key piece or pieces that prevent their ideal customers from finding them just at the right moment. Most commonly, I see this manifest itself in three different ways:

  • Inadequate or missing client capture tools. This can be as simple as making sure your phone number is on every single page at the top.
  • Technical issues with the website that prevents the search engines from showing your website in the search results. The simplest example is when the web designer forgets to “allow” indexing on the website, because they forgot to turn it off when the site was under development. It’s a bonehead error, and I see this more often than you would think.
  • Lack of proper search engine optimization (or SEO) built into the website. SEO isn’t hard, it’s a process. But nine times out of ten, it’s done incorrectly.

Why go to this effort? It’s very simple: Your customers are looking for you. Right now, they need you. If they aren’t finding you, they’re going to someone else.

Get New Clients and Your Marketing Kick-Started in 2015

The economy has mostly recovered, and people have started coming out of a long hibernation. They’re ready to get business going, and if you’re ready to get your business going, let’s talk.

I’ve decided that I’m going to help a few people out by kick-starting their marketing plans for 2015. If you want to start generating leads with your most valuable (and usually most neglected) marketing asset you have, sign up for my 2015 Kick-Ass Marketing Starter Program today!

We’re going to:

  • Run a full Webscan® analysis on your website
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  • Have a 45-minute recorded one-on-one call with me (you’ll get the recording), in which you can ask anything you want

I’ve got some other cool bonuses that I’m going to throw in too, but you have to jump now. I’ve only got room for a handful of people to sign up, so register now if you want to get your website rocking with new clients in 2015!

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